Artisan canned food free from chemicals and preservatives

Restaurant quality from Mr Jan Kościuszko, founder of the legendary Chłopskie Jadło restaurant chain.

Premium quality

Traditional recipes, local suppliers and quality without compromise, just like in a family kitchen. All ingredients used are carefully selected by the in-house Standards Department.

Together, we have developed and launched hundreds of catering outlets across the country. A feature of our company is our great flexibility, which allows us to adapt to changing market trends as well as the needs of our customers in a short period of time.

Nature and tradition

We stick to traditional production methods, based on preparation according to traditional Polish recipes.

We use only the highest quality products from reliable suppliers. Our products are classics of Polish cuisine closed in cans without chemicals and preservatives.


We have a professional IFS-certified production facility in Bystra. Well-equipped technical facilities at the plant and, most importantly, superbly trained staff. We fulfill orders of the highest quality without delay.

We supply a wide range of products to HoReCa companies and the largest petrol station chains, taking care of the high level of their catering offer. To date, we have been trusted by such companies as Ikea, Lotos, BP, Amic, Farutex, Wawel, Banfood, Bacówka and many others.

Discover our traditional artisan products

How to prepare?

No cooking required. Always close at hand.

Even an amateur culinary experimenter can prepare our dishes. A saucepan or frying pan is recommended. Put the contents of the pack into a saucepan or frying pan and heat over low heat, stirring occasionally. When using a microwave, spread the contents of the packet evenly on a plate and heat for 3.5 to 4 minutes. And voilà, it's ready! Enjoy.

Homemade taste, free from chemicals and preservatives.

The products go through a sterilisation process during preparation, which combats any dangerous bacteria and microorganisms and ensures a homemade taste free of chemicals and preservatives. Protected in this way, the product retains its flavour quality for 1 year, stored at 2-25 degrees C.

Traditional recipe. It owes its excellent taste to preparation according to traditional Polish recipes.

Our products are classics of Polish cuisine. Traditional recipes, local suppliers and quality without compromise. Each dish is characterised by the best selected meat and excellent quality natural ingredients, which are carefully selected by our internal Standards Department.

Jan Kościuszko - history and tradition

„In my cooking I have always focused on our traditions and drawing on my culinary heritage. The dining culture is complementary to the culture of the nation. I would like to bring you a bit of the beautiful history of Polish cuisine and take you on a culinary journey filled with the flavours from long ago” - Jan Kościuszko

The founder of the company is Jan Kościuszko, an authority in gastronomy and one of the most recognisable people on the culinary map of Poland. He founded the brand Wyroby Kościuszko acting in defence of tradition, and he feeds Poles not in his restaurant this time, but in their homes. And it would be the story of a brand like many, if it were not for Jan Kościuszko.

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